Openrent complaint - terrible photos

I recently used the photography service on Openrent’s website for a 2 bedroom flat in Glasgow.

The quality of the photos is so bad its almost laughable. Every single photo is either blurry, or squint - meaning none of them are usable. I’ve had to resort to using my iPhone camera instead and the results aren’t even close (iphone is 10 x better)

Can anyone point me in the right direction on whether there is a formal complaints procedure for Openrent? I’ve emailed the normal ‘contact-us’ email address 3 times with no response. The rest of the service is relatively smooth, so Ive not been vocal online so far on publishing my experience - but this isn’t one I can let slide

Cheers for any advice

It’s not an answer to your question but can I advise anyone taking their own photos to upload that these need to be taken in Landscape mode not portrait mode so turn your phone sideways. If you do them in portrait mode they don’t fit Righmoves template and they end up looking horrible with thick black bars down the two sides to make them fit the template .

Hi Michael,

Thank you for getting in touch. Our customer support team are looking into this for you and you should have received a direct message.