Is Rent Now worth it?

I have just put our house up for rent via Openrent (first time using Openrent as have always found tenants via Facebook in the past).

I was just looking for thoughts on the Rent Now system. I’ve got a tenancy agreement that I used, and a tenant referencing service I have used previously (though I believe I can still use Openrent for referencing even without using Rent Now), so just wondering what the advantages of using Rent Now are? The major downside as far as I can see is the fact that Openrent keep the initial payments from the tenants for 2 weeks after the tenancy begins. Why would one agree to that vs having the money in your own bank from day 1?

I like it, means I don’t have to think too much or hassle tenants directly, for £10 it’s worth it to me

I do everything myself because it’s much faster and the checks are more thorough. For me it’s worth the hassle. I believe it depends on the LL and their personal circumstances.

It’s great £10 a month. I think, my opinion, tenants will think
Twice before nit paying open rent but might stop paying me.

Just a thought. Seems in a way more legal

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