Poor landlord referencing


I came from a different country and starting renting in the UK for the last three years. I wasn’t really sure of the rules here.

So I had late rental payments but always paid in full. Sometimes, I paid 3-month in advance as well. However, now when I am applying for a new property, my landlord says she will provide accurate information that you have paid late more than 3 or 4 times. I understand her point as well.

But she is willing to provide a reference letter where she can mention how good tenants we have been.

The problem is two letting agencies failed us and didn’t proceed with tenancy for poor landlord referencing.

Have you come across a similar problem? What can be done now?

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You didn’t pay your rent on time, you get a poor reference. What else do you expect to happen ?


You will most likely have to lower your standards.
Have you volunteered a guarantor?
Are you living in same property currently where you were late with rent?

Were you able to explain why you were a bit erratic with the rent payments and also were you able to tell them that you also paid upfront too?

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I am discussing the problem here and need solution.

I dont know what you are trying to achieve with this

Yes, i explained. And it worked. Luckily, i found some people who are willing to understand.

That’s good news.

Sometimes reference forms sent to previous landlords are just tick boxes and there is no space to give more detailed answers.

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