Reference with previous landlord

Hey I need a reference from my landlord but we’ve had issues in the past, which is why I’m currently moving and he’s not replying to my notice or sending a reference to open rent. And they’ve told me that I can’t pass referencing if I don’t have a reference from my landlord i don’t know what to do?


Can you request via agent if they exist?

Have you got a landlord before the current one?

Yes, and I can show them bank statements even neighbours signatures that I’ve been a good tenant but they told me no it has to be your landlord!!?

No unfortunately my contract is with him!

You could directly contact your new / future landlord and explain the situation: that you’re unable to get a response from your old landlord and that it will impact the outcome of the referencing process. Assuming the rest of the reference report is ok (no CCJs, work reference ok, sufficient income etc) then your new landlord may be willing to put aside the lack of previous landlord reference as it’s only part of the overall assessment. It would also be useful to explain to them the reasons for the problems with the old landlord. I would do this sooner rather than later. As a landlord myself, I always appreciate upfront information and honesty from tenants.

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Current landlord reference almost worthless in my opinion as if they want a tenant out they will only sing their praises, regardless of what they are like


Exactly I’m like do you want me out? Do you not want me out? I don’t get it!
Considering he’s told me if you’re unhappy with the current situation you can leave!

I had a couple of tenants whose previous landlord would only give a reference if they gave him £50 each, i said dont do it . They were good in all the other checks They turned out to be good tenants

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