Possession Claim Onilne

Dear all, my tenants owed over 6 months rent and I’ve already applied to Possession under Section 8. However, at the online portal pcol, it seems they’ve set up a hearing date. Though my tenants did not receive any communication.

Anyone have any suggestions dealing with the online portal

  • should they be contacted by the court for the hearing?
  • what additional information that I should provide within the portal before the hearing date?

Thank you very much for your help!!

The s8 notice is a claim for possession and arrears.

Thanks, I did serve the notice and now has applied to court for possession. The court has provided me with a hearing date. But my tenants have not received any communication. I wonder why…

Also any idea where to upload supporting documents in the portal? :pray:

thats what THEY say probably a lie

Are they likely to tell the truth about this ?

Yes they are. There is a court case between them and both have been emailing me asking me to provide court possession documents so they can pass onto council for housing support etc. They’ve been trying to call the court too…


i was in similar situation as you’re currently facing, my tenant’s were adamant that they have not received any communication or letter for court hearing date.
i knew my tenants knows how to exploit the Law and use and abuse the system, therefor, I proactively send my tenants communication and hearing dates via text, Whatsapp, email and recorder email.
On actual hearing date my tenants didn’t bother to show up but county court make a verdict on my favour. Now, i am waiting for eviction ban to be lifted and once its been lifted i will apply for bold and swift Eviction process.

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Why do the courts always believe a tenants verbal evidence over a landlords word ,unless you have cast iron proof ? Some tenants are such liars in their application for a tenancy . One lie and I do not take them on


Thanks Bhim, can I ask what evidence you provided to the court and where you uploaded them on the PoL portal? Thanks lots! And good luck!

I had the same issue. My PCoL had a date for Feb and my tenant had heard nothing. I was en route to the court when I eventually got through to someone to confirm the date / time etc. I was told that it was a nominal date that the system automatically generated but given the situation at the moment they were not using these!!! I also asked about uploading evidence but the people I spoke to didn’t know how this could be done. they advised me to wait. I have a new hearing date now and received written confirmation through the post, as did the tenant. Its for the end of June. 3 month notice (which it was at that point) was served in August. Not exactly quick and I still haven’t been able to upload any evidence. It isn’t made clear on the service about the dates. I would keep trying to speak to someone at the court to confirm the details before you make any plans for the hearing date it shows at the moment.

Dear Fiona, I received a date for my hearing. But there is no where on the portal I can submit supporting documents, so I just emailed all the documents and will bring them with me to the hearing. I have not received any confirmation email that they received the documents etc. though, can only hope…

Hi Fengyang, glad you have a date and things seem to be progressing. Which court will you be attending? My hearing is for South East Northumberland Court and they have asked that I send my evidence be email also. They advised that it used to be possible to upload on to the PCoL portal but that it was very glitchy. If you will be attending a different court it would appear that the generic email solution is the accepted method. I was also asked to include details of everyone attending the hearing in this email, I think for COVID protocol rather than the claim itself.

I’m at Uxbridge and they just asked us to move the hearing online :joy: just hope no further delays.

Any suggestions about statements or evidence that it would be detrimental for a claimant landlord to state in oral or written evidence in a Section 8 hearing? Would be interested to know as courts seem to do everything possible to assist tenants however strong the landlord’s case!

Key thing is to be able to show evidence of no disrepair, which its unfortunately all too easy for a tenant to claim, whether real or not. Preferably an inspection visit and photos beforehand

Hey I’ve provided a letter to the court stating I’ve completed all my landlord’s responsibilities including gas certification, repairs etc. also took into consideration of the tenants’ needs due to COVID.

It was very straightforward, the judge only asked the tenants whether they agree with my claim that they had not paid rent. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes and the judge ordered them to pay the whole amount back to me plus court fee and eviction.

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I provided deposit protection, gas & electricity certification (don’t think this is necessary), and communications that I sent to tenants every month asking for rent, and section 8 (and postage). That’s all.

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