Potential Security Issue HMO

I rent a room in a HMO on the first floor. There’s another tenant who has the room on the ground floor at the front by the front door. We’re both on separate tenancy agreements.

The last 10 days or so he’s been proping the front door open when he’s in due to the hot weather. I confronted him about this as I don’t think it’s very safe (even though the area is quite nice and no obvious sign of crime). He said it was cause he’s hot and his window didn’t open and this had been reported to the landlord. He also said he would keep an eye open (which doesn’t reassure me much).

I contacted the landlord a day or so later and they said they would speak to him. The few days I’ve noticed he’s still doing it and like I said I don’t think it’s especially safe, despite the relatively low risk area.

I don’t want to confronted him again as I know ill say something I regret but I am.planning to contact the landlord again.

Has anyone faced a similar situation?

He should have a functioning window
If he does not and it is not repaired call environmental health at the council to do this as this is a legal requirement

As far as the front door goes, I have left mine open through the day in addition to opening all the windows ( someone is in all the time)
We are in a heat wave and I think you have to use a little common sense and pragmatism

It’s not like it’s open at night and you are all asleep