Problems with Openrent Gas Inspections

Has anyone tried to contact openrent before? I can’t find a number. The engineer went round to do a safety inspection and a service. Found some faults but didn’t try to fix anything or contact me. He was there for less than 10 min and then wanted to charge extra for an additional unit? How could he inspect and service in 10 minutes?

Hi David,

I can see my colleague reached out by email last week and you’ll find our number in our email signature.

Remedial works can be spotted by engineers and these aren’t a service we provide through OpenRent - what we do provide is the gas safety certificate and the check itself. What we suggest doing is reaching out to the engineer to discuss any remedial works you’d like to have carried out.

We can also see you paid to have an additional appliance carried out, so looks like they may have initially been confused on that point.


Hi David,
Yes its normal to charge for any units not included in the original quote. Ie, if you’re having the boiler and the cooker done, if it’s a gas stove and gas oven that would be counted as 2 seperate units, so 3 altogether (boiler, gas stove, gas oven) but no, it should take much longer than 10mins!
In regards to disputes - I really like Openrent but stopped using them for the gas service as they did nothing to help when an engineer (who was also rude and disrespectful to the tenants) failed the inspection on the positioning of the flue…though it was 30cm from a sealed window and had never moved!!! When I contacted Openrent there was no investigation, no offer to have someone else give a second opinion or anything of the sort - despite me sending a copy of the complaint the tenants raised. They basically adopted the stuck record position that ‘it was a registered and qualified technician whose decision was final’ despite me reminding them that the previous 3 through Openrent and all others over the past 8 years were also registered and qualified. In the end I had to pay for another registered and qualified gas safe engineer to redo the safety inspection and, as I suspected, there wasn’t an issue to begin with!
I was so disappointed with their lack of interest in assisting that I just stick to the advertising and referencing now and do everything else independently.