A dilemma…any help greatly appreciated

Hi, I wonder if you have any guidance on the following…….so our tenants have been great …they are due to move out in 2 to 3 months ( they are just waiting for their new house to be fully renovated). They know that as soon as they move out we are having the bathroom fully refurbished ( as we are using the same builders as they are using). The issue is that the electric shower ( that is over the bath) has just stopped working. I’ve spoken to a couple of plumbers and they say that cos electric showers are cheap they don’t repair them ( call out charge plus parts and any additional labour charge isn’t a huge amount different to the cost of buying and replacing a new electric shower.) As we are having the bathroom refurbished we aren’t very keen on putting a new shower in for only 2-3 months. The bath works fine but members of the family rely on the shower for hair washing. Do you think I could offer a discount of say £50 per month ( they are paying £2k per month rent) to put up with no shower for the remainder of their tenancy. Does this sound fair and is there any implications from a standard AST tenancy agreement. Thanks

You can offer, upto the tenants if they accept. I wouldn’t be happy to not have a shower for 2 months just to save £50 a month.


I think that’s probably sensible under the circumstances. Perhaps you can buy a hose that fits on the taps for hair washes. Presumably, you are being flexible on their leaving date and not making them serve notice and then move out regardless of whether their place is ready, so I would hope they would reciprocate on the flexibility.

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anew electic shower A t b and q iis about £70 a Triton make I fit them in all my places cheap to replace Just do it


Sorry about the terminology, but tight sod springs to mind.
If you are drawing 2k per month rent then a new shower should have been fitted within 24 hrs.
Look after your tenant and generally they will look after you.


Thank you all for your replies….very helpful

I would replace it with an electric one for now and take the loss and just factor it in. It’s tax deductible it’s worth it to keep the tenants happy


Thanks so much for your thoughts

They are paying rent of £2k per month and you don’t want to replace the electric shower. You are a cheapskate.

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For the minor cost involved I’d change it regardless of the rental income, especially if they’re good tenants.

If it’s only going to be used short term it could be removed once the bathroom works commence and carefully stored as a spare for future use.

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Hi Zoe4.Thanks so much for the message….excellent idea. Thanks again

especially if it would cost you £100 to reduce the rent

Hi Steve,
Regardless of the morals pertaining to this case tou are legally bound to replace the shower as you have provided, (I assume), a shower since the start of the tenancy and it therefore forms part of the AST . Hope this helps.

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Agree. What if the tenant takes exception and stops paying the rent. You’ll be in a much worse position then, than buying a cheap replacement shower for less than 5% of one months rent…!

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Just do it! For goodness sake its a small job. A new shower is buttons just get a multifit shower so you don’t need to mess. With the supplies.
A lot of landlords are cheap on spending money but fixing things promptly gives a good relationship

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