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Property License Application

Hi All,
I have a 5 year old so relatively new 3 bed house in London Borough of Bexley that I rent out to a married couple.
I ve just received a letter from the council asking me to apply for a property license under Housing Act 2004. I ve never had to do this before in al the years I ve been a landlord I am wondering what it is all about. Can someone shed some light on it please?
The fee for thsi is £730!!!

Thank you

Hi Ewa, it is likely that this property falls into Bexley’s property licensing scheme.

The Housing Act gives local authorities (councils) the ability to roll out licensing schemes for privately rented properties. The licenses usually cost between £200 and £1,000, and last five years.

Here is a guide we recently had produced.


Hi Sam,
Thanks for the link. I ve looked at the documents the want me to provide and these include following. I d have problems with providing some of those. Its a normal 5 year old family
• a simple plan of the property
• Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
I ve yet to arrange for that but I am aware of one small issue with the hob and am waiting for the lockdown to ease off to arrange a visit to see what is wrong with it an and get a contractor to remedy it. Electrician will have to then dothe inspection to provide a certificate .
• Gas Safety Certificate (if gas is supplied to the property)
• current Fire Detection and Alarm System Inspection and Servicing Report
I ve never had to provide this …who does these reports ??
• Emergency Lighting Certificate
I dont have emergency lighting there!
• Energy Performance Certificate
• tenancy agreement
Can you comment on it please?

Does it say what type of licensing scheme applies? I’m assuming that you are in one of the following areas and it falls within their Selective Licensing Scheme, which applies to all landlords:

  • Thamesmead North
  • Abbey Wood
  • Lower Belvedere
  • Parts of Erith
    If the property is only occupied by a couple, (and you are sure the couple haven’t sub-let any of the rooms), then unless the licensing conditions require alarm systems and emergency lighting, they are not legally required. You only need smoke detectors on each floor and a CO detector where necessary. You would have to put this when you fill in the form.

Thank you David,

It is a Selective Licensing Scheme so yes it would apply to my property in Lower Belvedere. This is first time I ve heard of it so the letter came in as a schock.

My tenants are a couple and I am sure there is no subletting .
I cat work out if licensing conditions require alarm systems and emergency lighting - I presume these may be imposed on some properties once the application is lodged. I doubt my 3 bed new built house would need them. There are smoke detectors and CO detector there .
I am going to start the process and await what they need of me to provide . Due to covid some of the certificates may need to be provided at later date.
Thanks again for your response.