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Rent it Right Accredited Landlord

Hi all,

I rent a semi detached house in London Borough of Bexley and last year i was made to apply for Selective License as apparently my house was in their selective licenising zone. Having parted with aprox £700 for this priviledge I now received this license ( only valid for 2years!) but as a condition of it I need to become a “Rent it Right Accredited Landlord” within a year …Does anyone have any information about that process and what it entails and costs involved? I could not find much on their website.
Thanks in advance

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another rip off council. I paid £600 for 5 years

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Did you need to become Accredited Landlord as well?

yes I did it thru the NRLA on line as it was then. The council also inspected property and said it was all good .

Ahh okay. I ll look it up. thanks

You’d better check with the Council that other forms of accreditation are acceptable.

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I ve emailed them for more information but the only professional accreditation I have is ACII Associateship of Chartered Insurance Institute which sadly I ve not kept up with CPE s in the last fgew years.
I wonder if Estate Agents who manage rentals need to be acredited too or even fall under this scheme. May be cheaper option to have them manage the letting

What a liberty, no one give these councils the right to become Dick Turpins,some jumped up council deciding to rob people, disgraceful.


Sadly thats exactly whats happening.
I ve got some info from Bexley council website now so will have to get this acreditation to continue with renting my house . I ll probably go with ATLAS body as they seem the cheapest

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Yes, a council money making scheme. Decent landlords don’t need this harassment.
Rogue landlords ( and tenants) should be targeted properly not in this underhand way which causes problems for all landlords.
There is absolutely no benefit to good tenants or good landlords in that scheme.


Yes it seems that its just a money making scheme that is causing more issues then it solves. I hope it wont be renewed after 31 August 2023 , the date current scheme , at least in Bexley borough is due to end.