Property reserve

Hi I’m trying to secure a property but online its disappeared…
And on right move says no longer available…
However I can still see the listing …
But not on a new search ??
I really want to secure this should I do a property reserve or can more than one person do this ??
Meaning could it have been reserved that’s why it’s off the online ??
Really confused and I’ve had no response from the landlord ??
Please help

No, you should not put down a holding deposit or reserve the property. It’s likely the LL has received much interest and cannot handle more.

Have you not even viewed it? Why would you be so desperate to put down money when you haven’t seen it? Especially with a LL who doesn’t respond

If you get no response, move on to another property.

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Thanks for your reply
It’s just confusing that is no longer available but I can still access the link which says available…
I live in rural Cornwall properties are hard to come by in 10 months there have only been 3 …
Hence desperate times call for desperate measures…

If it’s no longer available through search or on Rightmove etc. it has most likely been let. The link may work for a bit longer.


Ok thanks for your reply