Availability of property and holding deposit

Good evening.

I have found a property i want and started discussing with the landlord. However, the property is not listed anymore. Nevertheless, i can still see the property if i go to the message, and i can still place a holding deposit on it if i want to.

Does this mean the property has been rented already? If so, why can i still place a holding deposit on it?

Thank you

This property have you viewed it?

My landlord Andy Bacon took my deposit and the rest of the rent when the old tenant moved out, I never got the keys or signed anything I had to pay the money into his account and not give open rent the holding deposit I should have moved last Fri morn after giving up the tenancy on my house and he said he was ringing me Friday even g to give me the keys, if someone had been taking my house I would have been homeless, he refused to give me my money back and I went to get it and he called the police, I managed to get some back but he still owes me £100, and he’s still advertising on this site, he never uses sds schemes property ref no. 857604