Purchasing with tenant but eicr not valid

Looked at flat with tenant in situ. Asked a bunch of questions to EA and the eicr not up to date, deposit not protected (not sure if this means he paid one or that he didnt) Tenant is a friend of hers and wants to stay. Been living there for over 13 yrs. Flat hasnt been updated since built…it kichen and bathroom original. Electric board not legal. She is selling as is and wont update the electrics…two options are 1. we insist the property is sold with vacant possession so the flat can be bought up to date or 2. We take on the tenant and upgrade the electrics ourselves…so question is should we even consider the second option…seems very unfair on her tenant ( so called friend of hers) presumably if he is switched on she can’t serve a section 21 without it being legal?

‘tenant is a friend of hers’ means nothing, they are the worse ones.

Option 1 for me, option 2 seems too messy.


100% vacant posession. tenants who are “friends” bring a whole lot of trouble. they aren’t your friend and they don’t like it when the nature of the relationship changes. you are inheriting a whole load of legal and emotional baggage, especially if they lived there 13 years. but if I were you I would get a cost estimate of bringing EICR up to date to inform the price negotiation and also you better check the EPC and how much it could cost to get it up to a C. Or why not just buy another flat? I had same situation recently and insisted they did the updates to get EICR compliant which cost around £600 but that was just for a steel case to be put around fuseboard and I got seller to pay as I made sure they indirectly understood I could report them for illegally renting the place out for years.

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when you say the electric board is not legal. Why not?

Its plastic and the old fuse wire…no rcd - no certificate to check safety

its a long, long time since i have seen a place with the old fuse wire.

Option 1 start with a clean slate.
I have been badly burned by accepting a tenant with vague family connection.


Have a look at these checkists. Every fail has a risk/cost. Its only worth it if you are getting a huge discount. You will inherit the liability for a deposit penalty, which could be large if the tenancy has ever been renewed. You would also inherit the liability for serious disrepair issues that breach HHSRS/electrical safety/gas safety etc and any penalty the Council impose. You’d also be unable to be able to use s21 at all if there was no gas safety cert before the tenancy began.

Thanks…I used these to ask the questions to the EA after viewing and the answers has brought all this to light. I fail to understand why EA dont know this information when taking on the propery to sell it… basic questions that can make the difference between starting a sale and being out of pocket with your conveyancer.

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Run away quickly. There are much less hassle free options out there.


E A only want their cut of the sale.

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It is certainly saleable for a price, but I’d want at least 30% below market and possibly more if there have been multiple tenancies.

You have a highly optimistic view of human nature which I commend.


Nothing stops you talking to tenant about their attitude to works being done - like an EICR
In this situation it sounds like the spark would need to do a board reinstall. Depending on complexity that will take him a full day, cost of EICR, maybe rewire parts, new components and retest on top so it should not be totally disruptive to the prospective tenant but very expensive to you. Others have mentioned the EPC and that is a serious cost. So if the price is right do it - otherwise the seller has an unsaleable property. Check to see when it first went on market…

A wholesaler once said to me " there is no bad product ,just bad prices". Same applies to property. Everything will sell at a price, I have found that there is always someone with more money to offer than me, But 3 times in 40 years I was a lower offer but accepted my offer because I had cash and they liked me. (tho which one was first is debateable). Every property is saleable at the right price .I usualy buy those that need work as I am a builder, if you can do stuff yourself .Saving.

it may be old cable thru all the house and by that I do not mean the black/red cable. But before that

The EPC is valid till 2027 and is a C. Been on market since Mar 22 (overpriced). There is no gas to worry about. We made it clear the electrics need doing before completion. She said she wouldnt do it so we have offered on basis its VP. She now has a conscience about the tenant and is considering doing the electrics…awaiting to hear back.
The rent is below market value as he has been there for a long time and he is aware it will be increasing. If we get a new AST, rent guide is issued (doubt he has been given one) we dont require a deposit as its well looked after but everything needs replacing when he leaves ( she didnt protect his deposit so i’m told) and she gets the EICR done before completion…would we be safe to take him on? The lease needs extending and full refurb when he is gone…20k to spend and we have offered 25k below current value when work and lease is done…thoughts?

I would not touch with a barge pole.

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One thing I’ve learned in life is that you can’t help people who are determined to get themselves into trouble, make a noose for their own neck, dig their own grave, and so on. Therefore when an OP actually explains that they know they are prodding a nest of rattlesnakes which are rattling like mad, but they can’t help themselves, and just want to know the best way to prod, I read the thread for amusement. Sounds harsh, I know, but there you go.