Reference checks

My new tenants to be have provided me with references from their recent employers, and can also provide me with personal references.

Their employers emailed me the information. Is this enough? I notice that you can pay a fee of £20 on open rent for a reference check. Should I do this?

Absolutely use referencing. I have just had 2 tenants show me wage slips bank statements etc however they still failed based on the fact they could not locate any address for one and the other was on a temporary contract. Had I just taken the documents they provided I potentially would have been up the creek without a paddle.


I have had references on headed paper from both their employers, stating their length of employment and annual salary.

I also have a letter from the current letting agency they use. I’m thinking this should be sufficient?

None of it is ever sufficient enough!

I would suggest you do Openrent for reference check.

  1. to check the tenants reaction if that tenant has any issues or not
  2. I had an experience that one of my tenant has done fraud landlord reference
    using my name etc and got caught in her lies
  3. I would not go on any personal reference as recently one of my tenant was telling me that he will draft the references for him and telling me to sign