References & credit checks


Can anyone advise on how to move forward with my current scenario, I have recently moved back to UK after 15 years of living abroad. I notice that alot of the landlords rightly require references & credit checks.
However as I have not been in the country for so long, I do not have either. What is the best way for me to be able to rent?

Thanks in advance.


The best thing is to:

  1. Explain this up front rather than once referencing fails.

  2. Have your job info ready (contract, payslips, contact person).

  3. Offer to pay maybe 6 months rent up front

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Your employment situation is the key. You need to prove to the LL that you have secure imcome into the future . I’ve just taken on a lady who has come from India . She is an intensive care nurse and has a three year contract at the local hospital . Intensive care nurses can’t really get sacked and the NHS won’t be going out of business. Even if she is ill she is on full pay for a very long time compared to private sector workers .


I take employer reference, full contract details, addresses previously spent last 5 yrs, contact details of previous employer, 3 month bank statements showing their previous income and outgoings plus 6 months rent in advance for a 12 month contract, 5 week deposit in addition. I ask them to declare any crime where ever in the world. Depending in country they come from, there is a initial police check done in UK which I ask for.

Wow. The previous employer reference (not only current) and criminal record’s check seem to be over the top.

I actually wonder whether it is permitted under data protection to hold a record of criminal convictions. I don’t know but wouldn’t be surprised.

If the renter did not give info of what the renter did for living overseas prior to taking up the current job in UK and his immediate previous address and contact no, I will not rent my property to him, it is the only way I can trace someone backwards if something untoward happens. Genuine renters have no problems giving this info. This is one way of Checking.

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I suspect that the tenants criminal record comes under a special category of data under GDPR and an ordinary privacy notice wouldnt cover it. As landlords don’t have a right to undertake CRB checks, I suspect that demanding one from a prospective tenant may also cause you problems.

Be prepared to be sued by an unhappy ex-tenant or failed applicant.