Referencing tenants coming from abroad

How does OpenRent’s ‘Comprehensive Reference’ offering handle tenants just arrived from abroad?

Does it check their “right to rent” in the UK, or does the landlord have to take responsibility for ascertaining this?



In most cases the tenants would fail the referencing process as they wouldn’t have a credit history in the U.K. for the referencing company to check (unless the tenants have this?). For right to rent checks, this is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility regardless of who does the check (e.g. referencing company or letting agent). I would simply ask to see their passport and/or visa.

I’ve been reading up on ‘right to rent’ since first posting this and from April we should be asking for a “share code” from them to check.

Yes that’s correct, it’s a rather convoluted process if they are EU citizens (thanks Brexit!). All the best with your rental.


Hi Andy

It’s simple to check right to rent using the share code.

You can ask your tenant and go on hover website.
I have just done one today first time.

I would suggest to do your work and references check
of the tenant.

The have been using Rentguard for references but
recently I have found out the reference checks were
not checked properly of uk resident and not helpful now.

So only way its do the check property and even just
can write to the employer for renting to any one coming from
abroad and request for the rent payment directly from
their pay. That’s would be only one option to protect
landlord’s rental income.

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Don’t bother paying to reference tenant coming from abroad. Ask for rent guarantor instead and pay to reference guarantors if they are able to supply one or two.

As per the tenant , do the “right to rent” checks on them.

My point is the tenant will fail the checks. Why waste the money? Ask for guarantor and do checks on them


I’ve had quite a few applicants from abroad, very recent arrivals, so in most cases they didn’t even have a guarantor, apart from someone in the same position as themselves. In the end I turned them all down as it just seemed too uncertain.

I never thought of the idea of getting their employer to pay rent straight out of their pay. Is that commonly done?

I’ve twice taken tenants directly from abroad. In one case I simply checked out their employer and was happy with one reference from them.

In another case it was a PhD student. I checked out his family’s business (US) and was happy with one reference from his uni, which is local.

I’ve had good experiences with renting to tenants from abroad. I’ve had 3 sets of such tenants and all have been great and I keep in touch with them even after they move out. It’s a good way to get to know other cultures.

Just ask for bank account statements for the past 3 months and find out why they’re here. If they are professionals or students, they have been fine with my properties.

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It is great to hear you have had good experiences. My only concern is around referencing. Other than that, all my current applicants are highly educated professionals with new high paying jobs at big name companies or Cambridge Uni etc which I hope would make great tenants.