Referencing Risk

I’m a coowner of a property and we are selling it due to me being pregnant (currently being exchanged).

I’m struggling to find somewhere to rent as im due to be on maternity leave for the next 6 months and my boyfriend (who i would be moving in with) lost his job end of January and only got an agency job middle of March so wouldnt pass referencing check.

I understand the risk for LL but I dont know what else to do. I’ve got a guarantor and can pay the 6 months in advance for the maternity leave I am off on. I’ll have mortgage statements proving payments, no adverse credit etc.

Any advice would be great.

6 months rent up front on a 6 month AST should be acceptable. Evidence of how well you maintained your property would help and how about a Parent being a Guarantor?

I have both available so hopefully someone will consider us. Thank you for the response.

As you won’t pass referencing, you have to make a good personal impression, so be absolutely honest and straightforward about your situation. Tenants who are 100% ideal are actually quite thin on the ground, so it may not be as hopeless as you imagine.

Thank you, I appreciate the response!

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