First time renting - potential problems

My situation is basically this - marriage separation, retired, looking to rent.
I’ve found a flat I’m interested in (waiting for a response), and I have a couple of concerns.

1)References. I’m retired, therefore no employee references can be had. Though I do get a private pension, which I believe is well over the minimum needed for the property I’m looking at
2) Guarantor. There is only one person I can think of that might be willing to do this, if not, what then?

My credit rating is excellent, no debts at all, or missed payments on anything for as long as I can remember. Mortgage was paid off last August.
Would offering several months rent in advance, while continuing to pay monthly, ease a landlords concerns over the two “problems” I have. Is this something that can be done (my idea, not the landlords)

If anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful

sounds as if you do not need a guarrantor anyway. Just to pay in advance without also monthly payments at the sme time is good enough


As Colin says you will probably be fine. The employer reference is only to verify your income. You can show other evidence of your pension income, which frankly is better than employment if its guaranteed for life.


Thanks a lot for that (both of you) You’ve certainly eased my concerns