Referencing - Tenant has used nickname

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First time using this so hopefully it reaches right place.

I have a question - my proposed tenant has used his abbreviated name when placing the application. I am ready to move to referencing stage but am feeling worried that this wont work due to name not reflecting his legal documentation accurately. Can anyone please advise on this?



Hajra You need his FULL name or names, otherwise a reference is useless . You need to see what is on his passport and/or driving license

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your response. When putting his name down for the house he has used “Veso” which he mentioned he didn’t realise happened and was down to autocorrect. He then went on to his profile and has now updated it to Veselin (as per legal docs) however when i move to referencing stage still shows the abbreviated name. I have accepted the holding deposit. Can you advise on what the best way forward is to proceed?



@Sam @Daz @Beth @Maurice @George @James35 can you advise please, pretty urgent?



You need one of the openrent team,They may not be there till Tuesday


Before applying for reference checks and forking out your hard earned cash, I would do my own pre-referencing checks to satisfy myself that the applicant is likely to pass.

I suggest you verify their full name, employment status, minimum monthly income, have they ever had any CCJs, been declared bankrupt or insolvent, been served an eviction notice (if so, why) and ask to see their last 3 monthly bank statements (or at the least their last 3 pay slips) and any other questions that you may like to include or you feel are pertinent. Assure them that you will deal with the information in the strictest confidence and let them know that it’s important to be transparent and honest from the outset regarding their credit history etc., as failure to do so will lead to a failed referencing check and loss of their holding deposit.

I assume you have already checked their “right to rent”, if not that should be at the top of your “to do” list.

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