Anyone know how openrent reference was done?

I have ordered a reference check for the guarantor of a tenant. The report was fine without any issue. However, when signing the contract, the surname of the guarantor has suggested being changed. I have contacted the tenant and they said that guarantor made a mistake of his surname when filling the reference (I don’t know why). However, except for the surname, other details such as DoB, email address, employment do match with those in the reference report.

So my question is, if the surname was incorrect when doing the reference, how the reference was done? Does it not have to connect with the name, but just match DoB, email etc? I am really confused.

Hi Kai, much of referencing requires the person being referenced to provide information themselves. Obviously, the person knows who they are, so a there’s little chance of an identity mixup. Name changes at the contract stage are quite common and we have build Rent Now to be able to accommodate them.

If you have any more concerns, I’d recommend speaking to our team at, who will be happy to help further. You could also contact the referencing company directly to get more information.


Many thanks Sam. I did contact openrent and was referred to referenceguard. Then I tried to contact the referenceguard but there was no one on the phone after numerous attempts. My concern is: if they provide information themselves, how the credit check such as CCJs can be done without the correct name? Is the check just associated with the bank account for example that they provide? Under this situation, shall I still proceed with the contract as the tenancy supposed to start on Monday?

the guarantor does not know his surname? did analarm bell not go off?


I agree with Colin3: I suspect the reference was donjon someone else, like a relative.

Ask the guarantor for a reason that is plausible, otherwise, redo the reference check, or dismiss them on the basis of false information and request Open Rent to give you their deposit on that basis.

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If someone lies to me and gives the wrong surname ALARM BELLS they wont get my place…Let to them I fear you will end up regretting it