Referencing / payslips

I’m new to Openrent and have just secured seemingly great tenants for my property who are going through comprehensive referencing at the moment.
Do people think there’s any mileage in asking to see a copy of their payslips as well or would that be covered as part of the OR referencing process anyway?

I realise this topic has been discussed before, although I couldn’t really find a clear answer.
Just trying to exercise due diligence in my first outings as a landlord…!


Yes of course there is😀

I request 3 months bank statements. Don’t cut corners.
Rely on own judgement. Referencing process is flawed, They will not check payslips nor bank statements.

Someone could earn 80k a year and have a serious gambling problem or debt. Bank statements help reveal alot and can verify income. Savings are always a good sign.

Don’t get emotionally involved, all tenants are charming and show best manners before they get the property!


Please make thorough check online as some tenants fake
payslips and also employment and employer’s check too.
There are some professional crooks around.


tally payslips to bank payments



Yes could see but i would say it was masterminded and it was done. This happen to friend of mine.

The tenant’s wife was a struck-off lawyer but she used
the her used her dissolved company’s name and
reference using the company’s letter head as reference
too. All references were checked by the estate agency.

It was nightmare of getting tenants out and used
the Landlord Action service for eviction. The tenant wife would not leave the property when bailiffs came and first time police could not attend the property. The bailiff’s got 2nd eviction date but just a date before tenant’s wife filed for high court and even asking for video hearing so she did not want to leave the property etc. My friend attended the court with bailiffs
that morning on the eviction time 2nd time.

This was a nightmare for my friend and his family as the property was completely ruined and on top of unpaid rent.
Also so much nuisance to the residents living in the
flat below.


It shouldnt have been that difficult if the tenancy was fraudulently obtained.

You should do your “due diligence” before going to referencing, meeting them is a must.
Then ask all the questions ( I have a prepared list ) of them by e mail and get all the answers in writing ( email ).
Then take deposit, if they have lied ,as many do and the reference fails because of it you keep the deposit.
Nobody cares about lying these days, morals are out the window its become dog eat dog.
Sounds harsh but the only way to make sure you don’t get bitten, trust me I learnt the hard way.


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