Tenant new to uk

I am a first time landlord with my first property listed. I have a prospective tenant who has only arrived from India a few weeks ago. They are working for UK company. I wanted to ask how the referencing works in this instance?

max.m First check they have the right to rent on the goverment website. Do they have a british passport and /or driving license. If only just arrived your referencing will be limited. can they get a guarrantor?

Thanks for reply. I have not met tenant yet but have seen copies of passport and visa. They have worked for the same company for 8 years, first in India and now transferring to London. I am concerned how effective referencing will be and if I will be able to get rent guarantee insurance.

Hi @maz.m - this thread might be useful to you:

Thank you. I’m sort of thinking this will be a non starter - if I can’t get a reference then I can’t get the rent guarantee insurance and as a first time landlord I would not want to rent without it.

unless as Colin3 suggests they can get a guarantor. If I went down that route would the referencing be done on the guarantor? and if successful would I still be able to take the insurance?

maz.m 8 yrs with same company is good. you can reference a guarantor if the have been a while in this country. ALWAYS reference a guarantor

Thank you Colin thats very helpful. As a new landlord there is much to learn

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maz,m Why dont you join The National Landlords Assccociation .The fee is tax deductable .they hold regular update meetings The advice is free over the phone. Their tenancy agreement is very good and downloaded free if a member. You can then become an accredited member

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Thank you I will look into to that.

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Hello Maz.M
I agree. Join the NLA. They’ve got a great advice line manned by other landlords. Great deal on insurance. All the forms, lease documents, checklists, etc you need free of charge.

Re your Indian tenant, ask them a) whether they have a UK based person of substance prepared to be their guarantor, and explain that, failing this, they will have to pay the years rent in full up front; this is the advice of the NLA which 've used myself. Stick to it.
All best.