Refugees / asylum seekers - buy to let advice

A widowed relative is looking to downsize their vacant house to a flat which they would like to rent out to refugees / asylum seekers in the local area with the rent paid by the council whilst they move in with their new partner.

This is intended as an altruistic act for someone who is aware they are in a privileged position but wants to go into it with their eyes open.

Has anyone done anything similar and have advice in terms of what kind of property works best and what to look out for or avoid when searching for a flat for these purposes?

Many thanks

Best advice to a newcomer renting thru the council in effect is DO NOT DO IT< you will regret it

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Tell her to rent it for a market rent and pay half the proceeds to a refugee charity. It will be safer. Good turns rarely go unpunished in this sector.


Colin bang on with advice, ask the council to be Guarantor this should give you a definitive answer.

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