Refugees looking for flat


I am helping to settle two Ukrainian famues in Uk. I am hosting one family as well. I know for residents of the UK looking for rentals life is impossible. Rents are high. It is impossible to get on the property market to buy your own place. I do not have the answers. But I am putting this request out there.

I am looking for a one bed flat for 2 lovely married Ukrainian people. Oksana was a dentist in Ukraine and Igor was a solicitir. They are retired. They would like to be in the Bournemouth or surrounding area.

It is hard enough being uprooted due to needless wars, but then when no one will give you a chance because you are on housing benefits, life becomes even harder.

So if anyone reading this can help, thry would be very grateful.


It seems to me if the uk gov welcome refugees then they should find them housing as well ,not leaving it just to private individuals .These people have fled from a war. How are other goverment’s housing their refugees in mainland Europe ? There is not enough rented accomodation for people already here.


they were quick enough to set up covid centres .Here is another emergency ,apart from all the people crossing the channel for free handouts from us taxpayers


Yes agree govt should get their finger out. Councils too, as govt have paid them to provide accommodation. As for building affordable ecological friendly homes, bribes and promises etc always goes developers way. Ends up with affordable being axed and bribe to council to pacify.
The country has not got it right. The rich poor gap is continuing to widen and even rented accommodation is unaffordable to our own people, let alone refugees. God knows why they want to come here!


Totally agree Colin :+1:

I have to ask, why would someone fleeing a war torn country be so selective about where they would like to live, especially given the fact there is a monumental shortage of properties? Surely they should be appreciative of literally anywhere never mind wanting one of the most desirable areas of Britain to live??

“My country is occupied by the enemy and we risk being killed, but I refuse to leave unless I can go live in quaint market town in Dorset”.


I wouldn’t mind an affordable pad in Bournemouth


some big homes are being built near to me 4 bed houses and snapped up within a week ,.Many sold off plan . But no smaller houses eg a row of terreced 2 bed homes for youngsters or less well off people . As long as this happens we will struggle


Steve 11 The key word is affordable. I live up North and the prices here amaze me , never mind down south.

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Hi Jue, it would probably be more helpful if you include some more information in your post, such as what their budget is and since they are retired, how they intend on financing themselves and/or if they have a guarantor? They might want to consider areas up north that are likely to be more affordable, unless there is a particular reason for staying in Bournemouth? I know it is difficult for a lot of people renting, but unfortunately, it is also increasingly very difficult for landlords as well, hence they would need a bit more info from tenants, particularly in the current rental market (high demand / many tenants competing vs shortage of housing stock).

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Well, I have a particular reason for staying in a castle. Still can’t afford it, despite the reason.

Affordability is the key, as Colin said.


Haha, I meant if there were more extenuating circumstances, rather than just preference. I would also like to stay in a castle!


Hello, dear Joe! I am also from Ukraine, Irpin near Bucha. Was settled in a gorgeous host family. Had a nursery for 3 pre-school kids(3 hours of nursery a day). No work for me as kids. Made all the docs. When my husband said we can afford rent, I started looking.
Was ready to pay a 3 bed house in advance. 2 months with no result. With payment for all term of let in advance. Had no official money on account, as Ukrainian national Bank has cancelled international transfers.
So now we decided to leave the country. It’s our choice and we can rent somewhere else.
But that level of culture and education I am not sure we will get anywhere…
I wish you all the best and thank you for helping the Ukrainians!! God bless you and all people who helped us get the feeling of safety and stability

That is such a kind approach to such a serious issue. Thank heavens there are people like you and not some of the people in this feed.

Totally agree. Wouldnt mind retiring to Bounemouth but couldnt afford to in a million years. In their situation I would be grateful for a home anywhere till I got on my feet.


My husband works for a construction company. They dont get permission to build anything unless they also build a percentage as affordable homes. Lets not pass the buck here.

I thought they had to do that . But I have not seen it happening on all sites

I have in the back of my mind that some firms agree to it and then when constuction starts they backtrack on it. L/A then say OK?

I used to work on site as a chippy, and it used to be about 20% of homes on new sites had to be affordable / housing association housing.

I remember some of the materials used differed to the expensive private housing etc. Lower quality floor boards, stairs etc.

But this was going back to pre 2008. Couldn’t comment on today’s standards etc.

I have and live in a house in mutiple occupation such houses are not receiveing the government assistance to just about every other household. So residents will not have the help they being mostly on low incomes need as their rents go up.