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Hello! I’d be grateful if you could share your opinion on how our situation might look for a potential landlord. We are a married couple coming to the UK in this fall on a Global Talent visa. We left Russia because of the war and have been living in Georgia for half a year. We are both freelancers and we can confirm our income from banks of Russia and Georgia, but we don’t have guarantors in the UK. We’ll be looking for accommodation in towns of Scotland and I’m wondering if we should expect difficulty in finding a rental?


I think you will probably find it difficult. Possibly because of peoples feelings about the war, but more so because its a very difficult rental market in the UK at the moment and landlords are very risk averse. Try some letting agents now to see what they think. Do you have savings? Could you offer 6 months rent in advance for example?

It’s will be extremely difficult. Huge shortage of properties, and peoples views of the war as David says. It’s difficult when not even taking war situation into account. No credit history to speak of.

to me it would make no difference being Russian. I have been there and I liked the people I met.


I wouldn’t judge you for being Russian either. You didn’t start the war and are just as much a victim as you had to leave. Well done to you for doing so.

All you can do is keep trying. You don’t sound like quitters. Someone will give you a break in the end.
I hope you find somewhere soon.
Mrs T

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There are agencies in the UK that act as guarantors for a fee.

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Could you please tell me more about it? I’ve never heard of this option

David, yes, we do have savings for 6 or 12 months

There is one called Housing Hands. But I expect there are others.

A friend of mine had to use them and it all adds to the price of course.

As David said get in touch with as many agents as possible and explain your situation.

You are on a visa and you have bank statements.

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I agree that whilst its difficult, its not impossible. With solid jobs and a good income you have the most important requirements for most landlords.

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Your nationality would not bother me in the slightest but your unknown status would. I would not even offer you a viewing, sorry. I hope you can get sorted. Can your new employers not help…they must understand how difficult it will be in the current market.

Thank you for your feedback. It’s been three weeks since we’ve arrived in Scotland and I’m fascinated by the feeling of equality of different nationalities, indeed. We’ve managed to rent a flat with an agency quite quickly. Everything went smoothly with our documents so I was probably worrying too much.

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Glad to hear it. I don’t use an agency so it sounds like you have done the right thing to apply through don’t

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