Refusal to Fix Dryer

Hello community,

Unfortunately, we’ve had ongoing issues with some of the “inventory listed” appliances which has lead to significant time on the part of the landlord and tenant to fix over a few cycles of break and fix. While this is just luck and we’ve the landlord replace a large appliance, there’s been a refusal to fix the dryer.

The dryer is part of a 2 in 1 and the preference is to provide an alternative machine for drying, but we don’t have space and would prefer to fix or replace the appliance. We appear to be at an impasse and want to understand my rights as a tenant. If I were to have the appliance fixed and take it off the rent, it would change the relationship dynamic and likely put the deposit at risk.

Are there other options available? Any recommendations?

My preference is to remain collaborative, but clearly there’s a disagreement that needs resolution.
Thank you

dont repair it yourself. if it goes wrong again then you may have incurred liability. This is exactly the reason why i dont supply white goods.if he supplied it and its gone wrong he should fix it.

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How do I prompt the Landlord to act though?

Send a letter telling him you will take legal advice if he does not fix it