Washing machine broken for 3 weeks

My washing machine has been broken since the 19th December. I let my landlord (who is actually estate agents acting on their behalf) know exactly when I knew. He said to email him as he may forget, I did so.

The problem with my flat is there is no parking so the engineer will not come out to us unless we have a space for them - fair enough. So I let the estate agent know that they need to sort it so they can come as I have no way of finding a space for someone.

They were going to come on the 31st but couldn’t as no space.

Obviously since the 19th I haven’t been able to wash my clothes. I asked my estate agents to pay for me to use laundrette (£6) the man I was talking to said he would not be paying for my washing.

Perhaps I was hoping a little too much for it to be paid, but I think it’s only fair as the upkeep of the appliances is on the landlord and I pay a monthly rent for them to be working.

Let me know your thoughts!

ask the landlord how much reduction he will be giving for no washing machine.

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Do you think it’s the landlords responsibility? I was trying to look up the landlord law etc - as it is his washing machine included in the property?

I read somewhere they can’t take responsibility for it but didn’t know if that was if it was unfurnished.

If he supplies white goods under your lease agreement and it says so on your lease, eg ,cooker, fridge, washing machine., dryer then he has to maintain them and make sure they are fit for use. unless it is not his and was simply left by the previous tenant. Is it listed on your “move in inventory”?

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Yes it is, it isn’t listed on the things he has to repair but that’s copied from the landlord law - it says things for sanitary needs basin etc

But a picture of the washing machine is on the inventory yes.

Having to use the laundrette today!

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Hi Jen,

If the landlord owns the washing machine and it is included on your inventory, then they have a duty to repair or replace it. The key word is always reasonable, your landlord should have the appliance repaired in a reasonable time frame and you as the tenant should be reasonable with your expectations.

Obviously the parking is an issue, do you know how your landlord would reserve a space for the engineer? does your flat have an allocated parking space? is there a visitors space that you could arrange to be vacant for a few hours? I find it helps if a tenant and landlord can co-operate to expedite issues like this, its in everyones interest to get it resolved as quickly as possible.


  1. If there are no yellow lines, or limited parking instructions, as some Councils have restricted parking zones without any indication of this except when entering the zone, then I suggest that you arrange a date and put out bins or other obstacles on the road to indicate a reserved space, provided the road is already packed with cars either side of that space: do not obstruct the highway! This is no different from having a delivery made to your home, in my ignorant opinion.
    If this is not feasible or legal, then good luck and hope the landlord can arrange something.
  2. As for being reasonable, if you owned the home that you live in, you would have to arrange for and wait for a tradesperson to attend, and pay for your own costs of using a launderette, so no compensation would exist in this situation. This applies whether the goods were insured or not.
  3. See if a neighbour will be kind enough to allow you to use their white goods.

Thank you for your helpful reply. I think the parking is the main issue the engineer is not happy unless there is a paper permit given to them. Which is fair enough.

The other issue is really just the urgency this is being dealt with. I really think it has been reasonable time now, and it has been causing me a lot of stress as I have been receiving messages from the engineer with parking questions I don’t know the answer to etc. And then having to ask the estate agent for any updates.

Just overall I think it’s a pretty frustrating situation for me! But I have emailed the management now as before I was talking to one of the estate agents I had spoken with before.

Thank you,

Mainly it is the engineer who is being specific about parking as I think they have had trouble coming to these flats before.

Unfortunately I don’t own my own home and the appliance that I’ve been given I have had much trouble with since I’ve lived here, I just don’t see why I am having to get so involved with the whole process of messaging engineers sorting parking messaging the Estate agent and now going to the laundrette for updates Etc but I suppose maybe I have underestimated this. Just didn’t anticipate extra costs on top of rent of the flat and said washing machine!!

Just remember you need to be reasonable, if you owned the flat you would have to be doing all the running around, managing the engineer, going to the Launderette and on top of all that PAYING for it!
So you don’t own it, so you don’t pay for all this, but you should still be helping to organise for the repair to take place, its not a hotel after all.

Best of luck with a speedy resolution.

Hi Jen

I personally have what is and what isn’t covered on the move in inventory, you only state there is a picture of the washing machine, is this within a general picture of the kitchen etc? I would have expected it in writing as I do myself then there is no room for confusion between parties.

With the greatest of respect Dean, your reply is condescending and wholly inaccurate. I myself, like you, am a Landlord. You speak of your tenants as if you are doing them a huge favour by maintaining the property and PAYING as you clearly state? In reality you likely have a reasonable yield on your investment and are making a good living from your properties? I have 5 properties and am fortunate to have had long term tenants in each. Yes, the bricks and mortar may be mine, but it is their home! The agent I work with is clearly instructed that all white goods are repaired/replaced within 7 working days of the initial report. To be 3 weeks or more without a washing machine is frankly disgusting. Parking issues, access issues etc are all things I have considered before renting a property and factored into any repair/maintenance concerns.

Unfortunately I realise there are many private Landlords, with far more properties than me, who are out to pay as little as possible at the detriment of their tenants. I can only hope I never become one of them!

Good luck with your issue, I hope it is resolved soon.