Refusing a lodger on universal credit

Isn’t it illegal now to refuse a tenant on benefits.
As I have a query as the option is on the landlords property page.

I do believe it to be unlawful to still advertise refusal.
Comments please.

I wouldn’t advertise it. “Moving with different tenant” is always a plausible option and not untrue, either.

Lodger is a different thing to a tenant.

Well, there’s no option “moving with a different lodger” ))) I think it’s obvious what is meant. If somebody wants to do nit-picking, there’s an option “Other” where you can word it just right )))

legally, a lodger is a different thing to a tenant. a lodger, someone renting a room from the residing owner/leaseholder, is classed as a licensee not a tenant and are subject to different legal regime

It isnt illegal to refuse a tenant on benefits. What is illegal is having a blanket ban on all benefits tenants. It may also be unlawful to refuse a tenant solely because they are on benefits, but its more likely thst the refusal would be on grounds of affordability.

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We all understand that. How about Other > Moving with somebody else? Legal?

why do you keep addressing comments to me? the original poster uses both “tenant” and “lodger” in her question, I am speaking to her. obviously we don’t all understand that.

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