Remortgaging a tenanted property, no keys

Hi all,

I am about to try and remortgage a property that the tenant has changed the locks on and not paid rent since November. My S8 eviction is with the courts but delayed due to COVID until August.

I am a bit stumped as to how to get access for a surveyors valuation if I can’t get in the property due to having no keys.

I am currently on a repayment and am desperate to get on interest only as the tenant isn’t paying so its costing me a lot of money.

Thanks in advance.

The only thing I can think of is to get a Court Order to access the property.

Many mortgage lenders simply do a drive-by to see what the outside looks like, so an internal survey may not be needed: after all, they are only estimating its value for mortgage purposes, not its sale value, e.g. about 80% of sale value. You can ask if they need an internal survey and point out it has already been valued by your existing mortgage provider.

Thanks for the replay Alan. I am awaiting a court hearing date. God knows when that will be. I’ve applied and been approved for a mortgage holiday so this will ease the pressure for a few months still need to get him out or sell it though. Preferably both. I’m stressed out with it to be honest.

I mean John. Where I got Alan from I’ve no idea :joy: