Renew or go periodic and pet clause


As landlords we normally renew an Open Rent 6 month contract with our tenants. It is coming up for renewal in November.

Does any new legislation favour doing this again or going Periodic?

Would the new Open Rent contract be identical to the one issued in May? If not how would it differ?

Would the contract still include the pet clause?

If we go periodic does the pet clause still stand?


Periodic has always been best in my view as the landlord has far more flexibility to remove a tenant where things are going wrong.


Thanks, our tenants are really good. I was wondering which is best in regards to the pet clause?

Will the notice period be different if we renew a 6 month contract? Thanks

If you renew the tenancy you cant serve a s21 notice during the fixed term.

What pet clause?

I’m pretty sure we wont need to serve an S21. The open rent contract contains a pet clause. If notice is now 6 months would that make a 6 month contracts pointless?

You never know when or whether you will need to serve a s21 notice. At the moment the notice is 6 months so as long as you only have 6 month renewal terms it doesnt make any difference to serving s21. However there is also no real advantage to renewing. Its just more administration.

If you have good tenants and a suitable outdoor space nearby, I would say why not consider the pet? My tenants asked if they could get a dog and I reluctantly agreed, and then to my horror it was a small puppy that I knew would turn into a massive hairy dog.
However, the tenants are very happy, want to stay long term, and wash and brush the dog regularly. They hired a carpet cleaner to give them a clean recently, and so it’s all worked well, as through lockdown they have both worked and paid the rent.
There are much worse tenants than dogs!


The property was my family home, and has been in my family for 60 years. We completely renovated it before putting it on the rental market. It has never occupied a dog and since my daughter is allergic to dogs and this property (and the home we live in) are eventually intended for our children we want to keep them dog free.

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just issue an addendum to the contract for the dog saying something like one dog of such and such a breed , tenant wll be responsible for any damage and carry out a carpet clean at the end maybe, easier than issuing a new ast. both sign and date it and clip it to the ast. simples as long as you dont up the deposit

It sounds like you’re quite attached to this property. Ex-family homes don’t make the best rentals because decisions are often made for sentimental rather than business reasons.

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