Rent a Flat with Garage but access blocked by building work

During the storm earlier this year, a row of eight garages where we live had the roofs lifted off.

Our garage block was not damaged, but now the building is taking place the access to my garage is blocked by said works.

I am now having to park off-site to secure my car.

What rights do we have as we are not getting access to the garage that we are paying for

The garages are being built under the flat management insurance policy

Thank you


If I were in your position I would simply be accommodating of the situation. If the remedial work is really dragging on only then would I perhaps consider requesting compensation. Does your tenancy agreement reference such a situation?

What do you expect them to be able to do whilst work is being carried out?

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What I did not mention was that we just got a notification (Form 4) advising of a rent increase.

I can accommodate the situation but not the rent increase.

Also, I would have thought that the Flat management would have asked for consequential damages to be taken into consideration. Example accommodation of parking provisions

This work will take 4 to 5 weeks

Negotiate on that basis then.

Rent increase can possibly be negotiated down. Is the rent increase fair compared to rent of comparable properties in the area?

Are alternative parking provisions available in your area? It may be hard to secure any kind of alternative parking provision on such a short term IE for several weeks only.

I would expect at most a small discount.

To be honest, the increase is fair.

Only parking is on the road.
I am parking at a mate’s house a mile away.

Can live with it but not fair to increase the rent until the work is complete

I think that’s fair enough re increase. Tell them just that, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to delay the increase until it’s all completed. Informal chat can often go along way.

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