Rent Arrears from Ex tenant

Hello everyone.
First time here. Some great posts and advise.
Sorry in advance for the long post.

Had a tenant rent my property in July 2019. First few months were ok and rent paid on time. After a few months, rent was being paid late but sporadically made up. However by November 2022 rent arrears had mounted up to around 11,000.
Council contacted me to advise they could make a discretiony payment for the arrears if I started a new contract at a lower monthly rate. From £1595.00 to £1296.00 pcm.
After a few discussions I agreed and was offered a £2600 incentive bonus from council for a 12 month tenancy or £4500 for 24 month.
I took the 12 month option stressing to the council and the tenant that it would be for 12 months and I would need my property back after the 12 months.
Both council and tenant agreed.
Coucil made payments of around £850 directly to me and tenant made up the rest always 4/5 weeks late.
Tenancy was due to end on 1/1/23 and a section 21 notice was served on 1/11/22 together with a section 13 and covering letter stating that if the tenant didn’t vacate by 1/1/23 then the rent would be increasing to £1895.00 pcm.
Tenant ignored all correspondance and did not challenge the increase.
Come 1/1/23 the tenant failed to vacate and advised that they would not leave until end of March 2023 and also stopped paying their contribution of the rent from 1/1/23.
A court hearing took place on 28/4/23 and posession order was granted with the tenant ordered to leave within 14 days and pay the court fee of £355.00 (I had already paid this to the court)
Tenant again ignored and became angry.
Took until 7/11/23 for the bailifs to evict. The property was left in a disgusting state.
A judgement was made for the court fee and tenant has received a CCJ but still refused to pay.
Rent arrears are also over £11,000.
They are still being housed by the council but I am unable to obtain tenants new address.
Also, letters and bailiffs arriving on many occasions at the property as money is owed to many companies including HMRC.
I have complained to the council and they have admitted that they should have done more to rehouse earlier but have not upheld my complaint. I have been advised to move to stage 2 of their complaints system.
How can I go about persuing the tenant for the debt owed.

I wouldn’t bother if I were you. You can’t get blood out of a stone. If they already have lots of other debts, they will simply not pay you and if you force them into court to declare their income and savings, then the court will award you a token amount of something like £10 a month. The tenant will make the first payment and no more.