Rent Collection Harassing Tenant

My tenant has been great, but sadly (though hardly surprising) is moving back to spain. I am using the Rent Collection service as I liked the idea of not giving out my personal bank details. However, Rent Collection is failing in two regards:

  1. Although there is the option to give an end date, I have no idea what this is for. a) It doesn’t calculate a final payment (or allow us to enter a mutually agreed final payment) b) it doesn’t stop automated emails to the tenant who is messaging me in a panic because he thinks he is getting in trouble for not paying rent (rent which is NOT due since he is leaving!)
  2. When I try to disable Rent Collection it then offers to send my bank details to the tenant, negating the whole point of me using the service in the first place. If I put a “fake” payment in, the tenant could probably complain and say that he is due the part month rent back (although bank records would clearly disprove this - but hassle!)

IMO, when you enter a date that the tenancy is ending, you should be prompted for a final balance payment, with a suggested figure pre-populated. (rent * 12 / 365 * days in month left). when you enter a final balance, that is the amount Openrent should be chasing, not the full amount usually due.

It is a great and welcome service, but it is not fit for purpose when a tenancy comes to an end. it has caused me more work, and my tenant undue stress. Openrent’s response so far is that end of tenancy payments are for the Landlord to negotiate. Well, I have, I did, now please leave him alone!

Hopefully this can be improved in a new release, and soon.


I’m the tenant who is leaving this property and yes, receiving these email every single day makes me feel like l’ve done and keep doing something wrong.
At first, the best part of Openrent was the fact that l didn’t have to deal with estate agents and l can deal everything directly with the landlord. If you have a nice and understanding landlord as l have, and you can reach an agreement with him for the last month rent despite of an early leave, then after paying it through Openrent, everything should be fine. I shouldn’t get emails from Openrent THREATNING me that l’m in arreas with my property when l’m not. Especially when my landlord has already told them that everything is fine.
I would also recommend that this could get fixed in the future. Because, as a foreigner who doesn’t really know how exactly things work in England respect to the tenancies and flat rents, this kind of situations might get to be really worrying and stressful.

Hey both, Sorry this was stressful for you both.

I understand you’ve been in touch with the team via email and they have explained the situation.

For those reading and interested in this issue, we have taken this on board. Landlords can remove their bank details if needed, and turning off rent collection will prevent further chasing emails to tenants.