Rent Guarantee Insurance with OpenRent

Hi All.

I am completely new to this. I am in the process of letting my one bed property out and my concerns are if the tenants are not willing to pay or move out completely. Is there insurance that can cover it all? Please advise if you can.

Many thanks


Hi @roma_84,

Thanks for your message - I can’t see any properties or references attached to your OpenRent profile, so I’m not sure if this is an OpenRent specific question, or a more general question about rent guarantee insurance?

However - we are, excitingly, about to re-launch Rent Guarantee Insurance for OpenRent users which was stopped due to Covid-19 causing insurance companies to pull their products from the market.

To be eligible, it must be a new tenancy, and the tenant(s) will have to pass our referencing checks. So if you’ve not started the process yet, then I’m confident by the time you do, OpenRent will be able to offer Rent Guarantee Insurance for your tenancy.

The best steps for you to get started is to begin the referencing process, which you can do from here:


Hi Daz,

I am just about to accept an offer on my flat for which the tenants will be moving in on 26th November.

Will the rent insurance be launched prior to this?

Yes it will be. You can check back here: Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance | OpenRent

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