Rentguard price increase and reduced cover

I have been using rentguard for years and never had to claim. I have just had a renewal through and the premium has gone from £89 to £270. I appreciate the difficulties at the moment but the insured risks, excess etc are also vastly changed for the worst.

Can anyone recommend a good rent and legal expenses policy?


Hi Greg,

Unfortunately the price for rent guarantee policies across the market has gone up. As I’m sure you understand, but I’ll explain for others reading this post, insurance premiums are determined by the amount of risk covered by the policy.

A higher rate of unemployment is expected once the Government furlough scheme is withdrawn, and the courts have been severely affected by the Coronavirus Act and procedure orders designed to reduce infection risk at hearings. This means that is simultaneously more likely that tenants will accrue rent arrears (and larger arrears), and that landlords will not be able to evict or recover arrears within the usual timeframe. Both these factors means covering a landlord’s rental income from a tenancy is more risky.

Of course, given that the risk has increased, so has the incentive of a landlord to insure their tenancy. So even though all insurer policies we have seen are now more expensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are worse value.

We do of course hope that risk subsides as soon as possible and we are able to once again offer lower prices to landlords. Renewals at the new pricing are available via Rentguard.


Don’t fully agree with Sam on this. I am experiencing the same issue and I think there is an element of profiteering from the insurance companies. Insurance policies are based on risk. If they start to charge these amounts each application should be judged on merit like other insurances we buy (car, house etc), and not just a blanket figure.

When the premiums were low (about £90.00), fair enough to not make any further enquiries, but now more detailed assessments should be carried out. For instance if your tenant was NHS staff they are extremely unlikely to lose their jobs so your tenancy is safer than before Covid-19 pandemic.

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Hi Sam,
Even at £270, I don’t see that option via OpenRent. Are we to contact Rentguard directly?


Hi Arun,

If you have questions about insurance, you can purchase or obtain more information from our insurance partner Rentguard directly:

Phone 0113 320 7368

Kind regards,

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The £270 is to renew a policy. I don’t think they are writing new business at the moment.

The £270 is for new policies. Bear in mind there is a 2 months excess so the choice is between not having cover vs really poor and exp cover! Havent found anything better either. Its a minefield of complicated requirements.