Rent increase - advice needed please

Are you talking to me?

Why is it a problem to document communication and ensure everyone is in the loop?

Yes I am.

Why create such a problem and write to the LL and agent trying to apportion blame. It comes across as aggressive when there is nothing wrong.

The best thing is to sign the new contract and start paying the new rent. And that’s that. Why start something bigger? No need for it from, what it seems, is a mistake by the agent.

You think it’s aggressive to document and make sure everyone is on the same page? The landlord should be glad for the update and knowing what’s going on with their property.

It certainly isnt good to let the agent paint you as a problem tenant who says one thing then renegs.

I’m not suggesting they do it now but in the future.

always good to keep record of phone calls and events. as may be needed in the future


Thanks all for the responses. Whatever comes of this we have learnt a lot from it. Still all quiet & nothing going on so I’m hoping it has blown over and once we start paying the new rent this month the LL should see it was nothing more than a small disagreement. Everything going forward I will ask for in writing & ‘popping’ into see the agents won’t be happening anymore. Baffles me how they still think they’re in the right but looks like we’re going to disagree forever. If need be I will certainly write to the LL to tell them everything that has gone on but holding back at the moment as feels like it may kick start it all again when it looks like it has passed without us paying the £50. It all comes back to the agents being unprofessional to me, yes a verbal chat maybe deemed good enough but I know full well if I was running a business like that EVERYTHING would be in writing for both parties sake.


Our letting agent is a lying snake. They even lie to the landlord. Honestly the landlord is really lucky they haven’t gotten less scrupulous clients because the letting agent has majorly botched the deposit and violated parts of the tenancy act.

I hope good, respectable, honest letting agents are out there. Unfortunately it’s quite profitable to screw over people who don’t know better.