Rent now - can 1st months rent and deposit come to the landlord so i know it's set up

Rather the first months rent go straight to me so i dont need to ensure it is set up after the new tenants move in. Is this possible to do?
Also, the tenancy deposit - I didn’t realise Rent now didn’t collect the deposit then hand to me to deposit into a scheme. Is there a benefit in doing the scheme you are subscribed to? I usually use TDS . Is there a charge to iusing this?
Thanks Sonya

OpenRent will inform you every stage of the tenancy setup, including 1st month rent collection and putting your deposit into the mydeposit scheme. I find the service very useful and that I don’t have to dealing with these myself and knowing that what they do is legally correct (if not, we can take legal action against).

Don’t understand why you prefer to collect rent and dealing with deposit yourself.

Note that you have login details to your mydeposit account. No charge.

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