Can Deposit be sent to scheme of our Choice?

I know that by default Openrent collects the 1st month rent and deposit. Can we instead have the deposit transferred by tenant to our own scheme (DPS, e.g.) straight away or only later by Openrent?

Thank you

Just curious - Is there a reason you want to use a different deposit scheme to the one Openrent uses? The deposit account is opened by Openrent pretty much as soon as they receive it from the tenants. Why would you want this to be done later?

Yes there is a reason - we’ve been with DPS - gov uk based scheme for a long time and we know how they operate, what to do and what to expect. Thus we don’t want to try anything else but go the old verified route.

I think you can select the deposit scheme you prefer only if you choose the advertising only option and did all the admin yourself including collecting the first month’s rent and deposit yourself, as opposed to the Rent Now package, where much of the admin is handled by Openrent but also means the default deposit scheme is used i.e. MyDeposits. There was another thread on here about this a couple of years ago, when Openrent first changed it from DPS to MyDeposits, and there were some complaints about this. I have used both DPS and MyDeposits, and I’ve not had any problems with either.

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