Rent Now without holding deposit and first month rent

I have a tenant whose rent will be paid by the council. They will pay the deposit in the form of a council bond and the first month’s rent direct to my account. I have a rent now credit I would like to use to do the tenancy agreement and referencing. Is there a way I can bypass openrent asking for the tenancy deposit and first month’s rent?

Hi Humayun,

You can’t ‘bypass’ the tenant paying the first month’s rent. The best solution here is to ask the council to pay the first payment to us and then following payments to you.

Likewise with the deposit. With Rent Now, we need to take the deposit money so we can register it with a protection scheme and then transfer it over to you (the landlord). We then serve the prescribed information to the tenant. This ensures the tenancy proceeds legally.

If you’d like more detailed help with your specific tenancy, then please do email our team on and they’ll be happy to assist!