Rent protect for tenants

Myself and my parnter have gone for a bungalow that we see advertised. We would like to organise like a rent protect just as added security but can only find ones that landlords take out. I thought tenants did the rent protect? Can anyone advise if we can do this?

Many thanks for any advise and help given x

Hi there, thanks for posting.

Usually landlord’s will take out ‘Rent Guarantee Insurance’ which means they are insured if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent on time or at all.

What are you looking to protect yourself against here as a tenant?

If you can provide us with a few more details either we, or another member of the community may be able to help you a bit more.

Thanks! Elinor

Hey Elinor,

It was more of something we wanted to do as a just in case, also to provide some comfort as you never know what life throws at you, especially as we were looking long term.

We seem to have sorted things now though, thank you x