Rent Reduction if tenant loses job

Can I reduce my tenants rent for three months in the event of them losing their job? I was thinking of reducing it for three months to give them time to find another job. Is there any reason why I can’t do this and then put it up to the usual amount after three months? How do I do it?

England, periodic AST

(I don’t know yet whether they are losing their job, just speculation).

Hi @Bob_Belinda, yes this is something many landlords have been considering since the pandemic started this year.

Here is a guide we put together on how to formalise a temporary rent reduction.


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Better to offer a deferral of rent so that it is still legally owed. If you find later on that they are struggling to pay the arrears, you can always cancel them.

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Thank you to you both, useful information. :slight_smile:
They asked to see us earlier in the week and the meeting was scheduled for this morning. My husband was convinced they were going to say one or both of them had lost their job; however I thought it would be for another reason and it was. They are having a baby! (Well the female half is). They were a little concerned because the contract said no children. However we don’t have a problem with it and just offered them congratulations. Coffees all round, a quick chat and that was it. Thanks again.