Rental cost changed after paying holding deposit

I paid rental deposit through the rent now platform on openrent. The landlord replied and sent me a number to call but the number is incomplete which I drew his attention to. To further worsen issues, the rental cost has been changed with an overall increase in the cost. All these happened after I paid the holding deposit. What is my fate in this case as the whole stuff appears fraudulent?

Contact Openrent ASAP - the landlord won’t have received the holding deposit as Openrent hold on to it until around 10 days after the contract is signed. Hopefully it should be a simple refund of your holding deposit.

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Did you view the property and did you agree with landlord first before sending deposit?

Openrent allows deposit to be sent before even agreeing.

Thanks for your responses. We did not agree on a change in the rental price. Is there any other way I can reach openrent beside using the message option? I can’t find a contact phone number for them. Thanks

So landlord said to send deposit?

You can also email Info(@)

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