Rental deposit scheme - How quick can i get it?

I need to move into a new home in 1 week, but places found ask for a rent deposit, which my council can pay, but i need to know if i can utilise this after viewing a new home next week, in the time i have available, because i only have a weeks time to view places an then relocate. I found several flats open to me as a dss tenant.

Hi Vince, this isn’t something I know too much about unfortunately as I understand these schemes are run by the local authorities (councils) themselves. It may be best asking a member of the council’s housing team for more information?


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Looking for a one bedroom property to rent longterm must have a garden and pets allowed
I am currently homeless living in emergency
accmodation I am 55 single I am on esa and
pip… I am disabled please help
Also property must have wetroom