Rent Guarantee Insurance(RGI)

I’m new to this and looking to rent out my property.
I have seen the advertising options £29/£49(inc other platforms).
Do any of these come with Rent Guarantee Insurance, and if not - does anyone/open rent have contacts details for the service provider they use for RGI.


no insurance with that price !!

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Thanks. Are their RGI options on the site or can someone recommend an insurance co, they’ve used.


at the moment you really need to shop around. i have never had, or needed RGI so can make no reccomendations

Hi I’m new here and this guarantee is also mentioned by these guys what is the difference? Websites also look similar… I understand that this protects against arrears? Or does it not?

You may be expecting too much of RGI. I understand that most providers aren’t taking new business or are excluding covid related losses. Most experienced landlords I know are, like me, sceptical about this type of insurance anyway.

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the protection against arrears is not worth the paper its written on . Use your own common sense in choosing a tenant and do not rush the job… Check, check ,check every time

Thanks, 100% agree checks are always vital