Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 - periodic tenancies


Aware the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 is coming in to force shortly. Our tenants are just coming to the end of their 6month AST and intend to move periodic (we are all aligned on this) however we are not clear what if anything we need to do to comply with the new regulations? Sending new or updated documentation would presumably constitute a tenancy renewal rather than a periodic tenancy, and in the ‘renewal options’ section of our dashboard there is no mention of the new regulations despite the OpenRent pledge to ensure its landlords remain compliant. So what action, if anything, do we need to take please?

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Hi Anthony,

We are aware of the changes due to come into place in Wales this year and we will continue to ensure that all of our services are fully compliant with the updated legislation.

The legislation introduces major changes which our legal team are working through carefully. Our understanding is that a new written statement will be required but there is a grace period for landlords to provide this.

Our aim is to help landlords as far as possible with complying with the changes, and we will announce full details nearer the time

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Thank you, literally just come on here to find similar advice👍

How do you subscribe to monthly update please Katie?
Thank you

Hi @J_J_Property_Managem

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I’m in the same position in that my current tenant’s 6 month AST is coming to an end and would like to renew for a further 6 months. Is it better to renew under the ‘old’ contract or look at using the ‘new’ contract now rather than waiting until Dec 1st? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to doing it now or leave it until after Dec 1st?

Its better not to “renew” at all, but to let the tenancy go periodic, (monthly rolling). This happens automatically so there is nothing to do. No admin, no cost and more flexibility.

The tenant is specifically requesting a renewal though for security. I guess it works both ways.

Security for the landlord is a delusion. When a tenant wants to leave, you let them. I tell my tenants that they can stay as long as they like as long as were both happy. I have some tenants whove been with me for o years on a petoodic tenancy.

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