Tenant Fees Act - Contract Renewal Change


I am using a standard OpenRent contract from 2018 for my tenant, it is up for renewal and I was wondering if there was a need to change any of the terms to ensure compliance with the Tenant Fees Act?


Hi Chiara,

We keep our contract (AST) up to date with all relevant legislation and have done so for the Tenant Fees Act.

As part of our free renewal process, we will reissue the most up to date version of the contract to your tenants, so you can be sure that the new contract will be fully compliant if you use our free tenancy renewal service.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to renew you OpenRent tenancy.


Hi, I don’t have the option come up per your instructions, due to various reasons I did an addendum to allow for a 6 month break. The contract and the tenants want to sign a 12 month extension. Your system thinks its mid way through. Can you email this to my address on account?