Renting Property with Loft Room without Building Regulations

I am buying a 2 bedroom bungalow on a “Buy To Let” mortgage.

Property has 2 double bedroom in the ground floor and a loft room which is not counted as a room as it does not meet building regulations.

The height of the room is less than 2 meters and it has no proper ceiling (ceiling is the area where roof from both sides meet).

If I buy this property with a loft room which does not meet building regulations, will I be able to rent it out?

Will I get a Landlord Insurance for such property?

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I do loft conversions. This can only be for storage. You cannot sell it or let it as a bedroom. You can get landlord insurance but it MUST be down for storage only The regs for stairs ,access and insulation are heavy for loft rooms

I remember reading an article about insurance company refusing to pay to the owner of a property who did not count loft room as a room though it did not meet building regulations.

So, I am confused when I purchase the insurance policy whether I should count it as a store room or a bedroom. Not sure whether they are going to treat it as a store room or a bedroom if there is any claim in the future.

In the rent agreement I will not treat it as a store room not bedroom.

does it have a proper set of stairs or is it a loft ladder? you can only call it a store room If they use it as a bedroom they are breaking the rules

Yes, it has proper staircase to the loft with hand rail.
I can mention in the tenancy agreement it as a store room.
Hope when I purchase my insurance policy, I should mention clearly it as store room.

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Its your responsibility to ensure the loft space is not used as a bedroom or sublet by the tenants as a bedroom. The spot checks at 6 month intervals should check this is enforced.

Make it clear in the tenancy agreement that the loft must only be used for storage and not as a bedroom since it does not comply with building regulations. Ensure that you state that you do not agree to subletting.

Either convert the loft space to a third bedroom or let it out as 2 bedrooms.

Do not break the law or put lives at risk for the extra cash. Fit smoke detectors connected to the electricity by an authorised electrician.

Otherwise, congratulations in becoming a landlord of this 2 bed bungalow. Good Luck.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your insight.

I’m in a similar position to OP, although I’m in the process of buying a property so have a bit more wiggle room with the seller to arrive at a fair solution.

Do you know which official UK documents state that a landlord cannot rent an unapproved space to a tenant?


Hi George,

I’m in a similar position.

What did you do in the end?


You would not be able to let it.

Sorry for the late reply.

But, if it is going to be useful to anyone - my letting agency signed an addendum which says loft room is supposed to be used as a store room not a bedroom.

And if you or the agents finds people sleeping there during inspections and do nothing about it, you will be in trouble.

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