Renting to an Embassy

We have been approached by an embassy to rent our property and just wanted to find out if anyone else has had one in the past? How would the references work? How can we do due dilgence?

depends who the embassy is . Get my drift?

Check it is a real embassy!

Not done it but nearly did a similar thing: you will have no control over who lives there, no right to evict who stays, because the embassy is subletting!

You still retain ultimate responsibility for safety checks, etc

So make sure they claim in their contract with you that they will cover everything you want including full restorations to the state when they rented from you!

Good luck

Hi Lancaster, this sounds like a bit of a spcial case, so I’m not sure if I can be much help. This article about letting to a corporate entity might be of some use.


They from the EU so I’m sure it will be fine.