Renting to disabled person

My property is not disabled person friendly. Recently I have been approached to rent the property to someone having a disability. I understand I cannot discriminate with the disabled person on not giving the property for rental.

What can I put as a clause on the AST to save myself as a landlord to safeguard against the tenant asking for big changes to be made to make the property disabled friendly in the future and also against getting sued for any accidents the tenants might have because its not disabled friendly

I don’t think you can do that. It is a disaster waiting to happen. The clause would be classed as discriminatory.
Speak to your council in the morning and see if they have grants to help people or ask the tenant does he have access to benefits for such adaptations.
I would advise you to speak to the NRLA in the morning to find out the best way to proceed

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I was asked once in a similar situation . But it was a flat on .split levels I simply replied "i cannot help you " I say the same to young men, or other groups. I do not want. . There will be thousands of properties not disable friendly. Now I say that I have other people to show the place to and it is only fair that I do so. Do not feel pressured to take someone who you you do not really want, Any tenant can make demands once in place

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I think, if you have other tenants go with them.