Eviction of disabled tenant

I may be bringing negative here, however, I am considering taking on a disabled tenant, providing everything checks out of course.

My question is, are disabled tenants harder to evict than none disabled? I understand that it may be more difficult should a breach of lease be directly connected to their disability? Am I heading towards a minefield?

I appreciate this doesn’t answer the actual eviction question, but for what it’s worth we have a couple of tenants with disabilities (physical and mental). In both cases, they were genuinely delighted and grateful to be considered, having been overlooked many times.

One (physical disability & cannot work) keeps the house immaculately and the other (mental health issues & does work) thanks me every time I see her for renting the property to her and always pays her rent 4 days early.

They are both flawless tenants touches wood and, subject to the usual checks and good old fashioned gut feeling, would not hesitate to consider a disabled tenant again. I do wonder if someone disabled becomes a longer term tenant, simply because it is so hard to find a suitable property.

Overall, I’ve had more issues with people who are not disabled :wink:

Best of luck with the situation, I’ll be interested to hear what happens, along with the views of others.

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In theory a tenant with a disability is no more difficult to evict than anyone else, although someone with a mental health condition may more readily qualify for the breathing space. In practice, it may prove more difficult and I dont know how bailiffs handle it.

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